Tuesday, July 13, 2010

dear peter pan,

and harry potter, and wendy, and ron, and hermione, and captain hook, and lord voldemort, and dumbledore. i'm supposed to write to someone from my childhood. since i already wrote to my mom and sister and me and my dad didn't kick it much and mathew was just a baby, i'm going to write to the only other people i knew. this is mainly because i had no friends. and i'm totally okay with that. because i was a well read individual before most of the kids my age could even spell their last names properly. yes, this is me flipping you off. i didn't need stupid monkey bars because i had neverland, and i didn't need club houses because i had hogwarts. while all of you little ankle biters ran around slurping up your own drool and passing herpes around in the third grade, i was actually learning things. it's a marvel, isn't it? and i don't feel badly for any of you. this is what you get for leaving me out and making fun of me. the ironic part is, you made fun of me because i was more intelligent than you. sadly, because i was so young, i didn't realize that you idiots were insulting yourselves. if i could go back in time, i'd be sure to comfort all of you in the thought that gas stations are always hiring. i'm not where i thought i'd be right now, but i'm getting there. my mom told me today that i need to just pick one of my dreams and roll with it. the only problem with that plan is that my dreams change everyday. right now, i want to go to AUR. tomorrow i may not. but whatever happens, happens. i'm sure you can tell the anger in this letter isn't really toward a bunch of third graders. i'm harboring a lot of rage over other things i refuse to talk about here. so it's nice to take it out on those little bitches. i hope it hurts. btw, thanks for helping raise me harry potter and peter pan. it's always a pleasure. to you other bitches, suck a dick.

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