Monday, July 5, 2010

dear etc.,

i'm supposed to write this letter to the person who hurt me the most. it's not so easy to do. i think it really depends on how fresh the wound is for me to judge who hurt me the most. maybe in fourth grade when emily mckay tried to tell the police that my mom hit her i would have found that the most hurtful thing, because it was recent. maybe in tenth grade when sebastian openly slandered me in front of all of my friends because lukas told him to i would have thought that the worst pain i've ever felt, because it was recent. maybe when jakob rust lied to me last summer and told me he liked me but that he liked his girlfriend too, that would have hurt because it was recent. and even though all of these things still sting, i'm past the point of reprimanding any of these people. i've had time to heal and to realize that all of these things have happened for a reason. i could sit here and rip each of these people for the things they put me through, but what would i be solving? i'm trying to live my life in love. and adding new hate to everything isn't going to solve any of my problems. what's done is done and i've grown and become better because of it. so thank you to everyone who ever hurt me. whether or not it was on purpose, you've helped me. i only wish the best for you. good luck.

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