Monday, May 3, 2010

i'm not quite sure whether i'm making a mistake yet.

i've started a lot of blogs. some of them were incredibly short lived and others were far too extensive. but i always quit. and i can't make any promises here either. my mind is ever changing and i grow bored with myself a lot faster than most people grow bored of anything. but i think i manage better when i write things down. because i over think everything i do and everything i say and everything people say to me or do to me or ask of me. even the nice things, the lovely things. the things that make you want to smell flowers and feel the sun on your eyelids. those things make me cringe. not because they aren't beautiful but because i think on them to the extent that all i see are the ugly, traitorous thoughts my own mind has to offer. and so perhaps if i write them down they won't lurk around in my brain like lurking lurkers and i can enjoy the little things. but i guess we'll just have to see. lately i've been wondering, how is a raven like a writing desk? there must be something that the two share in common. maybe a long lost love? maybe a simultaneous day dream? or maybe they went to college together. i don't know. but thoughts are welcome. for now, i leave you with assorted kisses and the sentiment good day.

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