Sunday, May 9, 2010

boomshakalaka boom.

happy mother's day to all of you happy mothers out there. this morning started out rather bumpy, i daresay. my mom was all upset because dawn and i slept in. between you and i, i'm not a fan of the church i was raised in so i wasn't all too eager to get myself in there. but i had an incredibly fun night last night. i went swimming with dawnathan and my sisterdarling. in the NUDDYPANTS. i've never been quite so daring in my life, friends. and so i am turribly proud. and then dawn and i came back to her mum's pad and i made a beastly cheesecake that changed the lives of all who had the honor of being graced by it's exquisite taste. no, i'm just kidding. but it was pretty good. anyway, the point of this blog is for me to tell you how much i love my mother. if you've met her, you know she's not a normal mom. hell, if you've met me you know she's not a normal mom. but i couldn't have hoped to be raised by a more loving, inventive, hilarious, creative, and original person. and she is the reason i am the person i am today. and also, the reason most of my friends stick around. :P mom, if you read this, i want youto know that you're my best friend. i can't imagine surviving through this life without the guidance and love you've shown me. and i'm not even complaining about all of your wisecracks, sarcasms, and witticisms i've had to suffer through because, thank yaweh, i came out with those qualities. you're the most beautiful person i know and i can only hope to be half as brave, strong, and absolutely brilliant as you are. i love you, my mom. and i'll always, always be there to make sure that you don't fall asleep on the couch and get a crick in your neck. you're my reason, mom. thank you for everything.

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