Wednesday, May 5, 2010

the last of the mohicans.

i meant to post last night, but my dad decided he was going to defrag the computer and throw in some virus protection. so i just drugged myself and went to bed. i slept until three today. it felt positively fantastic. if sleeping were a career, i'd hit it up immediately. so, yesterday dawn and i sat around a bunch doing nothing and then went to gridley for the dolla tree. which made me late for glee. i was upset, needless to say. but i got the gist of it. and today i did pretty much the same. but i finished the austere academy and started the sweet and far thing. so i'm doing something kind of worthwhile. then dawnathan and i went on a drive because i can't stand being in one place for so long. it really helped to clear my mind. and now we're back home, my mother yapping in the kitchen about how i need to do the dishes and blah blah blah, jordan trying on her clothes for school tomorrow, dad lounging about in his room, mathew talking incessantly on the phone as per usual, and dawn is sitting in the living room waiting for me to do the dishes so that we can go to her mom's to watch taking woodstock. while we do that, she's going to do her homework and i'm going to work on kevin's birthday gift. please do me a favor and go listen to, "song to the siren" by this mortal coil. look at the lyrics while you do. it's really beautiful. oh, another thing, go to google, type in "google chuck norris" and click the i'm feeling lucky button. you won't regret it, i promise. lots of assorted kisses.

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