Thursday, May 6, 2010

i need to stop biting my nails.

the following is a list of movies i wanted to watch today:
whip it
iron man
the matrix

i never got around to any of them. i hope i do soon. they all sound really appealing. by the way, who's going to see iron man 2 tonight? because i really envy you. not only will it be brilliant due to the nature of it's existence, but robert downey jr. will be gracing the screen with his presence and i feel very sad and hurt by the fact that i cannot see him. on the big screen. with his bod. but, que sera, sera i suppose. i think i'm going to go into the living room now and watch the proposal. and if you're thinking it's strictly because i get to see a hot, sweaty ryan reynolds chopping away at a log with an axe, you're correct. it's just a happy accident that he also cracks me up when he sings, "it takes two to make a thing go right! it takes two to make it outta sight!" i also love how sandra bullock totally drops it low around the fire. that made my life when i saw that. i'd like to go dancing with her someday. she can bring ryan reynolds and i'll bring robert downey jr. and we'll just have a good ol' time. someone asked me the other day, "if you had a friend who talked about you the way you talk about yourself, how long would they be your friend?" honestly, they wouldn't be my friend for very long. not long at all. what do you think you'd say? anyway, i'm off to view the supreme talents of ryan (probably ryan reynolds to you because you aren't best chums like we are.) lots of assorted kisses, sweet friends.

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