Monday, May 10, 2010

but i ain't gonna go see it at midnight.

i'm at my friend dave's house (you don't know him) and my other friend dayla is with us. (you don't know him either.) no, i'm just kidding. you probably know dayla. you probably, maybe, hopefully know dave too. but if not, it is all your loss. we had a fun night last night. we ransacked the walmart in linda and dayla rode around in one of those lame little scooter things for those people who struggle with walking and whatnot. it was pretty funny but she got way more of a kick out of it than dave or i did. it was pretty funny though how when she reversed it was all, "BEEP BEEP BEEP!" and then we came back here and i showed dave some whitest kids you know and tim and eric videos. andrew, i don't know if you read this, but i have sad news. all of my friends here, aside from dawnathan, just really don't think tim and eric are funny. it breaks my heart, you know. i just heard on the telly that they're going to do something about california's gang violence at four o'clock today. all i have to say to those people is, "no. you're not." hopefully we're going to visit mcaa today. to see madame marks. and maybe a few of those other people who i actually like. did you know dave's wallet has mickey mouse on it? no. i'm not april fooling you. it does. i'll write more tonight. let you know what happens today, chums.

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