Wednesday, May 12, 2010

i'd fight the yeti for a klondike bar.

so, special friends, it appears we meet again. when i call you special, i say it with the utmost respect. i don't mean you have down syndrome, although every last one of you does. you might be wondering, "oh my goodness, how very brazen of her to joke about down syndrome. i wonder if she feels bad?" and my answer to you all is, no. i do not. this is mainly because my mom raised me to not have feelings or care about other people. yesterday i was tired. all day. that's mainly what i did yesterday, was to be tired. i feel asleep on the couch but i was only half asleep and i was aware of everything going on around me. i don't know how to explain it, but it was terrifying. i kept trying to call out for my mom or something but i couldn't get any of my speech or motor skills to work. it was cweepy. later on dawn and i drove to gridley and then back here. and i worked on kevin's birthday present and watched the movie spread. in which ashton kutcher looks really, really hot but it has a suckass ending. i'd watch it again though, just to see him in those suspenders (kevin). my dad and i are going to yuba city now because starbucks is having happy hour and i'm totally down for that. but not down syndrome, like all of you. lots of assorted kisses.

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