Wednesday, June 16, 2010

dear best friend,

dear dawnsy,
seven years. wow. that is an incredibly long time for two people to have a friendship. especially a friendship as tightly wound as ours. i'm not going to say it's been easy. we've each had our struggles and hurts and heartbreaks. but know that i can honestly say that it would have been way more difficult for me if i didn't have you there. you stood up for me when i wouldn't do it for myself, you came to every one of my performances, you suffered through california summers with me, you made me laugh about ridiculous things, you let me cry it out and told me i was worth it, you helped me through the worst part of my life and you helped me through the best. i know our lives are going in different directions and we always knew this would happen because we're completely different people. but i know that just because our lives are taking us to new places doesn't mean we can't join each other for the ride. you're a part of my family and i think i can safely say i'm a part of yours. thank you so much for being a friend to me, dawn. i am who i am because of you. and i love you very much. i hope you know how important you are to me, even if i don't say it all the time. you're a rock to me. thank you.

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