Friday, June 18, 2010

dear mom and dad,

i feel so blessed to say that i have the two of you as parents. one reason being that i have the both of you when so many kids don't have each of their parents in their lives. another reason being that i have been so privileged to get to know the two of you. you are what i aspire to have one day. a relationship like yours is a rare and beautiful thing and i am so glad that i have parents who showed me that it really is possible. i love you both as a collective, but i do have things to say to each of you personally. so here it goes. mom, you are the best friend i've ever had. not many people can say that about their mother. i know you've made mistakes and nobody is perfect. but the mistakes you've made have taught me so many things. the fact that you have always been completely honest with me about everything has helped me to grow and learn in a way i know many people can't. you've saved me from so many heartbreaks and loved me unconditionally. i have my fears, mom. i'm nervous about my future and i'm prepared to fail with every step i make. but you have helped me through every doubt. you've helped me to believe i am worth something. you are everything to me, mom.i can't wait for my kids to meet you. you'll be the best grandmother ever and they're going to love you so much. i hope i can be half as loving and kind and wonderful to my children as you've been to me. you're the only reason i've made it this far, mom. i need you every day and i always will. you're beautiful. dad, i'm so blessed to know you. you've gotten through so many things to get to me and mom and jordan and mathew. you are a real man and a rock. you've taught me everything i know. and i don't think you know it, but everything i do and everything i try is for you. i want so badly to make you proud of me. to be everything you wanted for me. and i know i fall a lot and i get ashamed of myself, but you always pick me back up and dust me off. you're an amazing father. truly, the best man i know. i hope i marry someone half as decent as you are, dad. because eve being half as decent as you gets me a catch. this last year has been a struggle for me but the way you loved me and encouraged helped me to make it out alive. i love you, dad. you're a rock. i love you both so much. and i hope one day i an be everything i can be for you both. you're such amazing human beings. thank you for being the best parents i could have asked for.
i love you.

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