Wednesday, June 23, 2010

dear dreams,

i have to admit i find it a little bit funny that i started slacking off when it came to writing to my dreams. i'm not quite sure if i'm supposed to write to my ambitions or to the dreams i have while i sleep, so i'll talk to both. to my ambitions, i hope i meet you someday. i don't have only one idea of the future. i have about a million different ways that things could pan out and i'd be happy with any of them. then again, there's always the chance that none of my hopes come true. but i truly believe that whatever happens in my life is supposed to happen. and even if it's nothing i've thought of, it may be the best future i could have ever dreamt of. the other night my cousin said, "God knows what we're supposed to do and what's supposed to happen. so why don't we stop trying to make things go our way and just let Him do His thing?" it was a real eye opener for me. because i keep trying to control my situations. my sadness and hurt and anger. and if i'd just let those go, everything will happen. it's not easy and i know this, but i have to try it before i knock it. so i'm going to. i'm going to leave my life in His hands and pray for the best. secondly, to my night time dreams, could you quit it with the bad stuff? i like to sleep through the night and all of your yammering keeps me awake. okay, thanks.

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