Friday, June 25, 2010

dear past love,

i'm writing to all of you as a collective because that's what you are to me now. there is nothing special about any one of you. nothing that makes you stand out from the crowd. and i don't feel sad in the least that nothing ever happened between us because i can hardly see myself settling for the mediocrity you had to offer. maybe at the time i was hurt, maybe i felt unloved and unwanted. but now i know that the fact that each of you brushed me off or ignored my affections or asked me to help you get with my best friend or lied to me about having a girlfriend actually helped me out. because if i had ever been tied to any of you i'd be a very sad person. you're nothing to me now. you were nothing to me then either, i just didn't realize it. i am more important than the way you've each treated me. and i'm worth more than you managed to see with your small minded brains. i hope you find happiness, i truly do. i'm just incredibly glad it won't be with me.

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